Saturday, December 18, 2010

Destiny 20th Anniversary

The Destiny 20th Anniversary yesterday was a Phenomenal thing for the whole Destiny Church as a family. Ptr. Ed Pilapil Jr. told us to do something crazy. ^^ This is just one of the crazy things I have decided to do. I am a Chemical Engineering degree holder yet I do Information Technology stuff. Well, that's something crazy, right? I don't need to have a degree on that to learn this trade and build my own business. Well, this is not the site we're creating for that business. This is just a site I created where I can post lyrics for you to easily browse on the lyrics of your favorite Christian song. I'll try to post and research all the lyrics everyone so we can have an archive of the songs that made a mark on our lives. You can request is here too. Just leave a comment on the title, the album and the singer. :) I've started with the Music Ministry doing this stuff and I know it ain't easy to find lyrics online. Maybe I was not that well-versed with the internet back then. We we're still using the Overhead Projector back then and it wasn't that easy as it is the light it emits is hot. ^_^ There were even those times the Spirit of God just comes and leads the worship leader to sing a song not listed initially. That's where I have to browse the too many acetates we have prepared previously. There was that desire that 'Lord, may you let them worship You with these songs and may they never get distracted.' That's why it's essential to have the lyrics right and there are no distractions. May you find this site helpful as you sing these songs.

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